Behavior in Lodge

 Prepared by Emmanuel Rose


Welcome to one of the  Lodge Phoenix open rituals!  We are happy you can attend.  We have prepared this information to help you feel more at home.

Ritual magic has been called the "Yoga of the West" and is a form of meditation which overcomes the natural tendency of the mind to turn outward by employing sights, sounds, scents, and emotion.  Thus robes, wands, cups, incense, drama, etc., are used to stimulate and focus the mind and will toward the object of the meditation.

If you have been mailed a copy of the ritual with your part indicated, please familiarize yourself with it ahead of time.  It is not necessary to memorize the part.  Please remember to bring your copy with you, since extras may be in short supply.  Some reassignment of parts may be necessary because of last minute cancellations. 

Location:  This will be announced in the invitation.  Some rituals may be held indoors and some outdoors.  If your invitation includes a map, please remember to bring this. 

Procedure:  Usually we gather, go over the ritual, and give special Instructions.  Then we robe and work the ritual.  Rituals usually take from one to two hours.  Most of this time is spent standing.  If you have trouble standing for this length of time, a chair can be provided.

We share food after the ritual and you may be asked to bring a dish.  A small fee may be charged to defray expenses such as typing and photocopying, or for purchase of supplies for the ritual.

It is customary to eat lightly, if at all,  before the ritual to increase psychic sensitivity, and then to eat afterwards to help close the psychic centers.  This is very important.  Do not leave without eating something.

Attire: Preferred attire is a simple black robe, tied at the waist with a cord.  A church robe will serve.  If you customarily use a robe of another color, that is acceptable.  If you haven't a robe, dark pants and shirt or a long black dress or gown will be OK.

Some choose to wear nothing under the robes.  Others prefer special undergarments, but this is up to you.  If you are robed, try to avoid street clothes showing, such as trouser legs peeking out below robes, particularly if of a different color.

Street shoes are not worn in indoor ritual.  For indoor rituals, you may be barefoot or wear ritual slippers.  Dark socks are also acceptable.  For outdoor rituals, some footwear is necessary.  Sandals are a good option.

Jewelry, pins, and crystals which have magical significance are welcome at open rituals.  You may wish to remove jewelry which, to you, has no sacred significance.  Wedding rings are, of course, considered sacred jewelry.

Decorum:  Try to keep joking and talking to a minimum just before the ritual begins.  Begin to enter an altered state.  The party occurs afterwards.  Ritual space is considered sacred, and attitude should reflect this.  During the ritual try to stand as still as possible to avoid distracting others' concentration.  Try to turn pages quietly.  Get a cough drop before, if necessary.

All movement in ritual space should be deosil (clockwise) while the light on the altar is lit.

Sharing of the Elements: A Communion is a frequent feature of our rituals.  We always use nonalcoholic grape juice.

Special needs: If you have special needs, please contact your hostess or host.  If you are pregnant or are taking psychotropic medication, please call it to our attention.