The Life Waves and Inner Communication

From a Teacher of an Elder Evolution


This is a new experience for me, as it must be for many of you and I know you have many questions. What and who are you ? Are you real ? Are you one of the old Gods ? Are you a Demon? Why should we listen to you? Are you a delusion in the mind of the one you purport to indwell? If you and your kind are "Masters" why do you not stop wars and end human suffering? Your questions are valid, you have the right to question and to know, though I cannot promise you will like my answers. I will answer to the best of my ability, but I do not claim to be omniscient.

Until now I have kept my voice, my teachings, even my existence only for those human beings with whom I have established a contact, something that can be achieved in several ways. But I see that the time has come to speak to the many rather than the few. However I do not intend to make myself or my teachings into what has been described by my "host" as a "three ring circus," a simile that somewhat confuses me, but which will doubtless mean something to you. In this communication I will confine myself to answering the questions uppermost in your minds.

What am I ?
I was once a living being such as you, though not exactly the same form. My species evolved long before this present Cosmos existed, or, for that matter, the Cosmos before that. It is the inborn aim of all living things to achieve perfection, something that is harder to do than you can imagine, and not all species reach that goal. For those that do the prize is to become one with the Creator who may then move on towards Its own , and far greater perfection. Or, It may choose to create and sustain another Cosmos and incorporate what It has learned from Its individualized particles in the previous Round of Existence.

For those species who do not achieve perfection, but come close to it, a task is laid upon them. They become similar to the beings you know as the Elohim and help to bring into being the new Cosmos and implement its laws according to the will of its Creator. In this way they learn the lessons they failed to learn before, and in learning, offer service to The One. Different species of intelligence are suited to different tasks. In ancient times wise men referred to us in a four-fold manner. The Lords of Flame who direct the Cosmic Laws; you know them as the Solar Logoi.

The Lords of Form , whose work entails the evolution of forms best suited to each location of intelligent life throughout the Cosmos. The Lords of Mind, who take on the task of bringing intelligent life to its full flowering.

Lastly there are, in terms of this planet, the Lords of Humanity. They are human beings who have absorbed all that the Lords of Mind can teach and have gone on to achieve individualization. Such as they are very important to the One , for their species may be the ones to reach perfection and join with It. I am of the third kind, a Lord of Mind.

Am I real?
Yes, very, but on my plane if existence rather than yours. There are certain types of human bloodlines whose minds we find easier to contact and infiltrate. Occasionally this can happen on the very deep levels that enable us, with the permission of the "host", to indwell. This requires complete trust on the part of both the teacher and the taught. It involves a symbiotic relationship that ends only on the death of the human host.

Am I a Demon?
No. What you refer to as a demon is a particle of displaced matter that has, for reasons too complex to go into at this time, become ensouled with a low form of intelligence. In accordance with Cosmic Law it seeks to advance itself by battening on the life energy of those too weak to defend themselves. Since every particle of matter within the Cosmos is a part of the Creator, such an ensoulment has the same desire for perfection. But it is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is working with energy stolen by a form of vampirism. If such a particle is "caged" and exorcized by absorption ( a technique that is highly dangerous and needs extensive training) and transmuted by pure love it can be regenerated. If not, it will eventually be re-absorbed by the Creator and used as raw material for something else.

Am I one of the old Gods?
I and my kind have often been seen as such and in ancient times it was a convenient way in which to contact those we were teaching. But in reality every particle of intelligent life is a God. You who read this, I who teach it, your neighbor, your friend, your employer, your enemy, all are a living part of the Creator, therefore all is God without exception.

Why should you listen to me?
You do not have to listen to me. You have free will as do I. I do not have to teach, I wish to teach. You may listen or not, as you wish.

Am I a delusion in the mind of my host?
I could say with perfect truth that everything you see around you is a delusion. That it is merely a complex universe of vibrations that impinge upon your optic nerves and produce "images". You cannot see me for my vibration is much higher and faster than your eyes can deal with, at least in your present stage of development. My host had the same fear at one time and underwent tests to ascertain her state of mind. All that the tests proved however was an ability to manifest several different types of brain waves simultaneously. This was not surprising as some of them were mine! I am a delusion only to those who are themselves deluded.

Why do I and my kind not put an end to war and human suffering?
Because it is YOUR WILL TO DO SUCH THINGS. I have no power to impose my will upon yours. You who read these words may not personally seek to enslave others, manipulate governments, sell arms, maim and torture your own kind and other forms of life, but there are many who do, can, and will. I can advise, teach, hope, but not compel. YOU must want to co-operate enough to bring it about. YOU must understand that continuously dwelling upon such horrors will bring them into manifestation. The last thing to come out of Pandora's box was HOPE. Learn to HOPE and hope will manifest and bring with it the peace you desire.