Star Magic

A Course in Cosmic Consciousness

by Emmanuel Rose

This is a groundbreaking book in an exciting area of magical lore which has heretofore been neglected. This work is a textbook of High Magick in the Golden Dawn tradition. Until now there have been only brief hints about star magic in various published occult works. This book reveals these secrets for the first time, allowing much faster progress in inner work for those who dare to see their reflection in the night sky. Stars and stellar symbolism have impacted almost every area of magical and mystical thought for thousands of years. Using surviving clues and hints hidden in star names, ancient lore, archeological discoveries, and hermetic tradition, the author has uncovered a wealth of stellar lore and presented it in a coherent and workable way. This information in this book, as well as accompanying exercises, will allow the magical practitioner to begin to bring the powerful forces of the stars into the heart of his or her magical life. Paperback. 277 pages.

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