Entering the lodge, the adept treads upon the checkerboard floor, made of alternating squares of Light and Dark. This floor represents reality as experienced and perceived in physical life, an alternation of opposites. These are life’s joys and sorrows, both of which should be illuminated by the light of Kether. In another sense these squares represent polarity, the warp and weft which is the basis of manifestation. All opposites have correspondence here including light and dark or good and evil. On a higher level these are the rippling coils of the black and white serpent of the astral light. To clairvoyant vision their colors are reversed, with the light dark and the dark light. This is a clue to much. The words of the Kybalion are also appropriate here, "Thesis and antithesis are identical in nature, but different in degree." All opposites can be reconciled.

Prepared by Emmanuel Rose 2001