The Spirit of America Working

The following working was initiated by Lodge Phoenix on Saturday, September 15. After working on the Inner Planes in regard to the recent tragedy, two things are very apparent. The first of these is the very strong pull of the egregore for those who are United States citizens. This pull is stronger than many of us have ever felt. Another is the high level of inner turmoil which currently exists. Any working has to take these realities into consideration. The following meditation has been crafted to help in this situation, while avoiding any attempt at the imposition of personal will.

Although a visualization can be done in any posture, the one I recommend is the so-called "godform position," which resembles the statue of a seated Egyptian god. Sit in a straight-backed chair with your feet on the floor, legs uncrossed, and with your hands resting comfortably on your thighs. Keep your back straight. Make sure your legs don't dangle, and if you are too short for your chair, you will need a small footstool. Guided meditation or pathworking can be done lying supine, but many people tend to fall asleep in that position. Eastern postures such as the lotus position work well if you are sufficiently accustomed to them so that they are not painful.

Once in your posture, called your asana, you can work on relaxation and breathing. Breathing is pranayama. One of the best ways to relax is to sequentially tighten and then relax each separate part of your body, beginning with the feet and legs, and working up one muscle group at a time. Your breathing should be gentle, steady, and moderately deep in a 4:4 rhythm. Breath in over the count of four, hold it for a count of four, then breath out for a count of four, and so on. If another rhythm seems better for you, that is also all right.

You might want to light a votive candle, and you could also include some type of opening ceremony or invocation. Combining pathworking with an invocatory ritual, essentially creates a ritualized pathworking and will enhance the power of the experience.

It goes without saying that the meditation should be read very slowly, in a dreamy voice, and with ample pauses between sentences, particularly where new images are presented or when there is action to be visualized.

Spirit of America Working

Close your eyes and relax, allowing yourself to sink deeper and deeper in a meditative state. Feel the tension drain out of your body. Let your breathing become regular and even. If any area of your body feels tense, tighten and relax it so that there are no distractions. Listen to any stray sounds that you might hear such as street noises, distant music playing, or people speaking. Mentally acknowledge these sounds, and then decide to ignore them.

Imagine that you are drifting in a void of blackness. Everywhere and on all sides is total darkness. There is no sound, no light, no thought. (Pause.)

Now mentally become aware of the eastern coast of the United States, and of the areas of destruction and death in Washington, Pennsylvania, and New York. Become aware that you are looking toward New York from out to sea. See the Statue of Liberty and from behind her see the smoke rising from the place where the twin towers stood. (Pause.)

And then note, taking shape behind the rising smoke, the majestic figure of a woman, immense in size, standing firm on the land of our nation, head reaching up into the clouds. She is dressed in flowing robes; she wears a crown of seven points and she holds in her right hand an upraised torch, the torch of freedom.

This is Lady Liberty, the Goddess of Freedom, guardian of the Land, and symbol of its Spirit. You may also name her Americi-el (Ah-mer-ree-see-el), our national angel. Do not see her as a statue, but rather as a living being, gazing with sorrow at the destruction, and at the pain, sorrow, and anger in the hearts of her children. Her eyes are filled with tears. (Pause.)

Be aware that her facial features are actually Native American. From out of the ground coiling up her right leg and thigh is a Feathered Serpent, not trodden beneath  her feet, but actually one with her, binding her to the land, connecting her with it. Drawing strength from strength.

See her draw the souls of the dead into her bosom, healing their pain, and leading them into the Light. As they rise, they are gathered unto her. Hold this image as long as necessary. (Pause.)

Again, be aware of the anguish, the pain, the sorrow, and the anger of the people. Do not attempt to change it because it is too powerful. Only realize that this energy is being drawn into the angelic figure, absorbed by her, and transmuted by her. You may send your own sorrow, anger, and fear to her as well. See the energy, in turn, radiated out as Light from her torch. (Pause.)

See the Light cover the land and spread throughout the world. Do not attempt to choose a purpose for the Light. Do not see it as healing, or as love, or as justice, or as revenge. See it only as Light, colored to the purpose of the One, by the One. (Pause.)

Now see the Lady shake herself slightly, and from the folds of her robes there emerge giant angelic wings which she spreads over the entire nation, her land, and all her people. These are wings of protection, of love, and of healing. All those under their shadow shall receive precisely what they need to receive.

You, too, may draw strength, or safety, or healing, or comfort from her, according to your need. (Pause.)

Now slowly withdraw from the image. Do not banish it, but leave it alive on the Inner Planes. Slowly withdraw out to sea, continuing to see her standing tall over the nation, dwarfing the statue made in her image which still stands in the foreground of your imagination.

You may return to reinforce this image or to draw energy from her as often as you will.

The Return

Finally close your astral eyes so that the darkness is total. When you are ready, open your physical eyes and know you are going to be back in your physical body. Become aware of the air in your lungs, the moisture in your mouth, and of your feet on the floor, and be fully aware of the physical world and the physical reality.


After the return, you should perform any closing ritual, if appropriate, and extinguish your votive candle. You should record any insights or realizations in your magical diary. It helps to close down if you eat something, for food links us securely to the physical plane.

And may the blessings of the One Life enrich us all.