3. Binah


The Third Intelligence is called the Sanctifying Intelligence, the Foundation of Primordial Wisdom; it is also called the Creator of Faith, and its roots are in Amen. It is the parent of faith, whence faith emanates.

WorldColorDivine AspectTarot Card
Jehovah Elohim
Three of Wands: Established strength
BriahBlackTzaphkiel ("Contemplation of God")Three of Cups: Abundance
YetzirahDark brownAralim ("Thrones")Three of Swords: Sorrow
AssiahGrey, flecked pinkShabbathai ("Rest"), SaturnThree of Pentacles: Material works

Titles:Ama, the dark sterile Mother; Aima, the bright fertile Mother; Khorsia, the Throne; Marah, the Great Sea
Symbols:The Yoni, The Kteis, The Vesica Piscis, The Cup or Chalice, The Outer Robe of Concealment
Body:The right side of the face
Spiritual Experience:Vision of Sorrow
Magical Image:A mature woman, A matron
Gods:Isis, The Heavenly Isis, Nephthys, the Great Mother, Nuit, Hera, Juno, Frigga, Dana, Demeter, Mahashakti, Lakshmi, Mami, Coatlicue, Nu-koa