(No Yetziratic text)

WorldColorDivine Aspect
AtziluthLavenderJehovah Elohim
BriahSilvery greyUriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel
YetzirahPure violetWinged Serpents
AssiahGrey, flecked goldSirius, the Dog Star; Pluto

Titles:The Invisible Sephirah, The Hidden or Unrevealed Cosmic Mind, The Mystical Sephirah, The Upper Room, Sphere of the Greater Masters 
Symbols:The Condemned Cell, The Prism, The Empty Room, The Sacred Mountain, A Grain of Corn, The complete absence of symbol
Body:The throat, the Vissudhu chakra
Virtue:Detachment, Perfection of Justice, Confidence in the futureVice:Doubt of the future, Apathy, Inertia, Pride, Cowardice
Spiritual Experience:Vision across the Abyss
Magical Image:A head with two faces, looking both ways
Gods:Anubis, Thoth, Isis, The 42 Assessors, Hermes, Perseus