10. Malkuth


The Tenth Path is called the Resplendent Intelligence because it is exalted above every head and sits upon the Throne of Binah. It illuminates the splendors of all the Lights, and causes an influence to emanate from the Prince of Countenances, the Angel of Kether.

WorldColorDivine AspectTarot Card
AtziluthYellowAdonai ha-Aretz. Adonai MalekhTen of Wands: Oppression
Citrine,olive,russet,and black
Sandalphon ("Co-brother")Ten of Cups: Perfected success
Citrine,olive,russet,and black flecked gold
("Souls of Fire")
Ten of Swords: Ruin
AssiahBlack, rayed yellowCholem Yesodoth, Sphere of the ElementsTen of Pentacles: Wealth

Titles:The Gate, The Gate of Death, The Gate of the Shadow of Death, The Gate of Tears, The Gate of Justice, The Gate of Prayer, The Gate of the Garden of Eden, The Gate of the Daughter of the Mighty Ones, The Inferior Mother, Malkah, the Queen; Kallah, the Bride; The Virgin
Symbols:Altar of the Double Cube, The Equal-armed Cross, The Magic Circle, The Triangle of Art
Body:The feet, The anus
Virtue:DiscriminationVice:Avarice, Inertia
Spiritual Experience:Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel
Magical Image:A young woman, crowned and enthroned
Gods:Nephthys, Isis, Demeter, Pan, Ceres, Nerthus, Cernunnos, Ceridwen, Aditi, Ninlil, Nintu, Ninhursag, Cihuacoatl, P'an Chu, Sobek