7. Netzach


The Seventh Path is called the Occult Intelligence because it is the refulgent splendor of the intellectual virtues which are perceived by the eyes of the intellect and the contemplations of faith.

WorldColorDivine AspectTarot Card
AtziluthAmberJehovah Tzabaoth ("The Lord of Hosts")Seven of Wands: Valour
BriahEmeraldHaniel ("Grace of God")Seven of Cups: Illusory success
YetzirahBright yellowish greenElohim ("Gods")Seven of Swords: Unstable effort
AssiahOlive, flecked goldNogah ("Glittering Splendour"), VenusSeven of Pentacles: Success unfulfilled

Symbols:The Lamp, The Girdle, The Rose
Body:Loins, hips, and legs
Virtue:UnselfishnessVice:Unchastity, Lust
Spiritual Experience:Vision of Beauty Triumphant
Magical Image:A beautiful naked woman
Gods:Hathor, Aphrodite, Pan, Venus, Idun, Freja, Rhinnanon, Oengus, Kama, Krishna, Tanith, Ishtar, Ninsig, Tlazolteutl, Hsi Wang Mu