Powers of the Adept

Each path on the Tree of Life represents a discipline, a level of consciousness attained by practicing the discipline, and a resulting potency associated with that level of consciousness. These potencies or powers are among the siddhis of the Greater Adept. One statement of such powers is found in the Introduction to The Dogma of Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi which gives the "powers and privileges of him who holds in his right hand the Clavicles of Solomon, and in his left the Branch of the Blossoming Almond." Levi cites an unspecified Hebrew manuscript of the sixteenth century.

It should be noted that Levi uses a blind of mis-attribution of the Hebrew letters to the Tarot Keys later in this work. He attributes Magician to Aleph, the High Priestess to Beth, and so on, until The Last Judgment which he assigns to the Fool. He leaves the World assigned to Tav, but calls it Number 22.

In the list of letters and powers given by Levi there is internal evidence that these are also blinded and require rectification. The cipher used for some of the letters and powers appears to be a simple parallel exchange. Those exchanged are within blue cells.  The numbers refer to key number and not path or letter value.























Making the substitutions yields the following list of powers:

Rectified Key 
(Levi's original, if different)

  The Powers of the Adept


0.  Aleph

Beholds God face to face, without dying, and converses familiarly with the seven genii who command the entire celestial army

Similar to the Spiritual Experience of Chokmah

1.  Beth

He is above all grief's and fears

The tranquility of the Transparent Intelligence

2.  Gimel

Reigns over all heaven and is served by all hell

From control of the astral plane

3.  Daleth

Rules own health and life and can influence equally those of others

Related to the Isis of Nature

4.  Heh

Can neither be surprised by misfortune or overwhelmed by disasters, nor can he be conquered by his enemies

As a true Emperor

5.  Vav

 To know at a glance the deep things of the souls of men and the mysteries of the hearts of women

Hallmarks of the true Teacher

6.  Zain

To speak learnedly on all subjects, without preparation and without study

Which results from inner guidance

7.  Cheth

To have the Ars Notoria which gives the Universal Science

The language of symbols

8.  Teth

To subdue the most ferocious animals and have power to pronounce those words which paralyze and charm serpents

Fully symbolized by the tarot key

9.  Yod

To change into gold not only all metals by also the earth itself and even the refuse of the earth

Which refuse is found in the secret place of Virgo

10. Kaph

To know the laws of perpetual motion and to prove the quadrature of the circle

Aptly symbolized by the wheel

11. Lamed

To possess the Universal Medicine

The Elixir of Equilibrium

12. Mem

To find the Philosophers Stone

Found in the body of the adept

13. Nun

Possesses the secret of the resurrection of the dead and the key of immortality

Thus the last enemy is conquered

14. Samech

Knows the reason of the past, present, and future

The reason for all things is the perfecting of the Soul

15. Ayin

To force Nature to make him free at his pleasure

Overcome the illusion of being captive to Nature

16. Peh

To foresee all future events which do not depend on a superior free will, or on an undiscernible cause

Thus avoiding unexpected catastrophe

17. Tzaddi

To give at once and to all the most efficacious consolations and the most wholesome counsels

The fruit of meditation

18. Qoph

To triumph over adversities

Achieving the end of the quest

19. Resh

To conquer love and hate

And build the solar body

20. Shin

To have the secret of wealth, to be always its master and never its slave

Riches hidden within the psyche

21. Tav

Rules his elements, stills tempests, cures the diseased by his touch and raises the dead!

Cosmic Consciousness

It is possible that additional letters are interchanged, but only those which seem obvious are rectified above.

Prepared by Emmanuel Rose
Ó Emmanuel Rose 2000