Walter Hughes Griffin passed into the Light on 9 September 1999 while on a business trip to Springfield, Ohio. The esoteric world will miss the labor of this indefatigable mystic, as he now continues his labors beyond the veil. I am relating his spiritual career so it may continue to inspire seekers in the same way that Walter was an inspiration in life to all who knew him.

Walter was born at the Fall Equinox 21 September 1962 of African-American and French descent. He was a third generation mystic. His mother was a member of AMORC since 1969, and his grandfather was a mason, qabalist, and member of several mystic orders. Walter’s mother told me Walter began praying at age 4 and joined the junior Rosicrucians at age 10. He joined AMORC at age 18 and completed their 12 level system.

He belonged to numerous esoteric and mystical organizations, in addition to AMORC, in which he held leadership positions both locally and nationally. He also was a member of The Martinist Order for greater than 10 years in which he also held leadership positions.

When AMORC went through its troubles, Walter threw in his lot with The Confraternity of the Rose Cross (CR+C), the British Martinist Order (BMO), and the Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica (OMCE).

He was a member of The Philosophers of Nature for more than 6 years, having served on the board and as board Treasurer. He also studied and worked with CIRCES, the International College of Esoteric Studies, BOTA, and OBOD.

He joined the Fellowship of Isis (FOI) and founded an Iseum in Chicago called Sirius. He was ordained a priest in the FOI 22 May 1999 with a dedication to Nephthys and Anubis.

Walter joined the SOL in 1996 and was working on Lesson 34 at the time of his death.

One should not think that Walter Griffin was just a joiner of organizations, for he worked on everything he joined. Mysticism was his whole life, and his mundane job merely paid the bills. He performed 2 or 3 rituals or meditations every weekday and 3 to 5 on weekend days. He told me he had performed the LBRP over 2000 times. It seemed as if he knew everyone involved in his traditions and was an invaluable source of information on all things occult.

Walter held a Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Accounting) and was a CPA. He worked for Navstar International as an Audit Manager. He is survived by his mother, Mildred H. Griffin, and a half-sister and a half-brother. He never married.

He had never been sick or had any chest pains. And yet he died of a heart attack. He was away on business in Springfield, Ohio, when he felt ill and retired to his room. When he did not return to the gathering, his room was entered, and he was found kneeling, unconscious, at the bedside.

It seems he died in prayer. His mother told me he had always said he would not live past age 40. A few weeks ago he told her that his wish was to be cremated if he predeceased her. His mother feels that this was his time, and said "You have to die of something, so this was what was chosen for Walter."

He told me he had been incarnated to accomplish certain specific work, which he related to a path on the Tree, and was working as fast as he could to finish this in the time he had allotted.

A Rosicrucian funeral was held on Thursday 16 September, and his body was cremated the following day according to his wishes. An FOI leader stated, " I've read in various Eastern traditions that this is the way that many Masters make their transitions, through the heart center with unique timing." Walter’s translation on 9-9-99 was so....numerological!"

"Shatter the lamp, the Light remains."