Lodge Phoenix is a magical lodge centered in Savannah, Georgia. It is pendant to the Servants of the Light School. The Lodge meets periodically in Savannah, as well as Atlanta, for the purpose of study and ritual.

The primary aims of the Lodge are, first, to promote the spiritual development of the members, and second, to teach the techniques of ritual magic. Thus, the types of rituals are often those of "High Magic," or theurgy, meaning rituals aimed at developing the participant's Higher Self.

Drawing from the Servants of the Light's eclectic lineage of theosophy and Golden Dawn style magic, Lodge Phoenix offers a mix of ceremonial and inner plane training, emphasizing mediation or conscious contact with entities, rather than mediumism or magical evocation.

Lodge Phoenix carries on a program of private ritual, and in addition, participates in public rituals and workshops on topics of occult interest several times a year. Another major aim of the Lodge is promoting understanding between members of various spiritual traditions, and public gatherings allow that to happen. Deeper levels of the Lodge's work are withdrawn.

The Lodge is willing to consider qualified candidates for membership, provided certain criteria are met. There is an Outer Court process which allows potential members to decide if Lodge Phoenix is right for them, and which allows us to get to know potential members. This Outer Court training also ensures that new members will have a basic level of training and understanding of our tradition.

Note: At this time, the lodge is closed to new candidates. 

Because Lodge Phoenix is pendant to the Servants of the Light, the work of the Lodge is heavily integrated with the SOL First Degree Correspondence Course. Potential members are encouraged to join the Course. Certain levels of advancement within the Lodge are linked with advancement in the School as a whole. Training within the Lodge is graded and is organized around the familiar Rosicrucian scheme of grades which correlate with the Tree of Life. The training for each level consists of graded ritual experience, assigned readings, and practical work, specific study materials, work on the SOL First and Second Degree Correspondence Courses, and successful completion of the three Ritual Magic Workshops.